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Dr Grantham Delivers Keynote Address


  • The OSU WE 2018 Luncheon Agenda
  • Jesse A Grantham, keynote speaker for the Ohio State University, Welding Engineering Alumni Luncheon
  • Meeting some friends (the future) at Fabtech
  • The OSUWE Alumni 2018 Board of Directors
  • Keynote address: Choices
  • Over 110 attended the 2018 OSUWE Alumni luncheon
  • Oh the places you go when you know welding ... and make good solid choices
  • Dr Grantham is never boring when he addresses an audience. Wisdom specked with humor.
Dr Jesse A Grantham was invited to deliver the keynote address at the Ohio State University Welding Engineering Alumni Luncheon this year. Dr Grantham said it was a huge honor to be chosen to help mold the future of welding and share his experiences as an alumni and welding professional.

Over 110 people attended the luncheon, listening as he spoke of the choices that bring us to success or failure. His uplifting style combined wisdom with humor to illustrate the millions of choices we make everyday that accumulate to the sum of who we become and how the decision to go to OSU changed the path of his life.

You can read the keynote address outline below.

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Failure Analysis

Metal and welding tolerances on Gas and Oil Rigs as well as fracking rigs must be tested and verified.

Failure analysis of welds is the collection, study and analysis of service conditions to assess possible causes of a break-down and the fault of the failure incident.

WJMG™ assessments have included the most likely cause of weld failures in pipelines, pressure vessels, tanks, transportation vehicles, mass-produced products and general construction defects which generally have large financial implications.

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Expert Services

Expert witness services to discover the how and why of welding and metal failuresWhen it comes to telling it like it is, in plain, easy to understand English, Dr. Grantham is the obvious choice. His disarming and commanding style conveys his knowledge and professionalism in an easy to comprehend, yet objective and concise report that can help a jury follow along with his testimony.

Dr. Grantham has been involved in several multi-million dollar cases for both the plaintiffs as well as defendants. (click here to review some of the more notable cases)

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