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Dr Grantham Delivers Keynote Address


  • The OSU WE 2018 Luncheon Agenda
  • Jesse A Grantham, keynote speaker for the Ohio State University, Welding Engineering Alumni Luncheon
  • Meeting some friends (the future) at Fabtech
  • The OSUWE Alumni 2018 Board of Directors
  • Keynote address: Choices
  • Over 110 attended the 2018 OSUWE Alumni luncheon
  • Oh the places you go when you know welding ... and make good solid choices
  • Dr Grantham is never boring when he addresses an audience. Wisdom specked with humor.
Dr Jesse A Grantham was invited to deliver the keynote address at the Ohio State University Welding Engineering Alumni Luncheon this year. Dr Grantham said it was a huge honor to be chosen to help mold the future of welding and share his experiences as an alumni and welding professional.

Over 110 people attended the luncheon, listening as he spoke of the choices that bring us to success or failure. His uplifting style combined wisdom with humor to illustrate the millions of choices we make everyday that accumulate to the sum of who we become and how the decision to go to OSU changed the path of his life.

You can read the keynote address outline below.

Dr Jesse A Grantham delivers keynote address to OSUWE Alumni at 2018 Fabtech in Atlanta

Ohio State University Welding Engineering Alumni Society
November 8, 2018 (Thursday)
11:30 AM – 2:00 PM
Georgia World Congress Center Room: C202-C205
Atlanta, Georgia
Keynote Speaker: Jesse Alonzo Grantham, PhD, OSU Welding Engineering


Welding holds the world together.

Embrace the possible, apply the power of educated choices.

  • Thankful for the choices made by the staff that provided the room and meal for our comfort.
  • Thankful for Nancy Porter, the weld that joins us all together.
  • Thankful for the choices made in 1860’s for the Morrill Act that established Agricultural and Mechanical (A & M) universities for practical applications and accessible education.
  • Thankful for the choices made by those who developed, created and maintained the OSU MSE/WE Department..
  • Thankful for the relationships we enjoy today with our shared choices in Welding Engineering.

Sources estimate that an adult makes about 35,000 conscious choices each day.

IF WE ALL DID THE THINGS WE ARE CAPABLE OF WE WOULD ASTOUND OURSELVES. - Thomas EdisonWe believe in our freedom of choice. OSUWE is education about choices made for the art and science of materials joining. We are on a mission, the fundamental reason that we enlisted with OSUWE.

During the mid-80’s, I was stripped of my significance by the economic downturn in the oil and gas industry. My CHOICES seemed few and limited. In 1987 I identified with a couple of children’s books, “Saggy Baggy baby Elephant” Kathryn and Byron Jackson; “Ugly Duckling” Hans Christian Andersen; and Oh’ the places you’ll go ! Dr. Seuss. I read these books to my children.

I was worn-out, tired and financially beat-up and needed better direction at the “prime” of my life.

Who was I?

I was a husband and dad. I was an engineer. I was a welder. I was experienced in fabrication of offshore production equipment. I was an AWS-CWI. Like a rodeo bronc-rider thrown from his mount, I dusted myself off, no broken bones, counted my blessings, and set about with a single purpose, make some changes in my life. I was unemployed and needed a job.

Once I discovered Ohio State University, Welding Engineering, (OSUWE), it all made sense. I made choices.

In 1975 I became a member of the AWS, a good choice. In 1985, I enrolled at OSUWE, a good choice. At OSUWE I encountered an educated culture of civility, dignity and respect, a good choice.

OSUWE showed me ‘opportunity’ and taught me that I had choices to become whatever chose to be.

Prof Graff told me, “Welding Engineering at The Ohio State University is unique in the United States.

Prof. Baeslack told me, “The society that masters metals rules the world.”

Prof. Tsai told me, “Hard work pays off”. “The more you know about something, the more you realize how much you don’t know.”


  1. Choice of Difference. Welding Engineers are different like David before Goliath, Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, Mohamed Ali, Tiger Woods, Nikki Haley. Accept it.
  2. Choice of Mind. Your greatest investment is your mind. Take care of your mind. Invest in educating your mind. Train your mind.
  3. Choice of Recognition. Everything you need is nearby you. Recognize what you already have. Recognize opportunities.
  4. Choice of Colleagues. Travel life’s journey with others. When one of you falls the other can lift up the fallen one. OSU WE saw something in me that I could not see myself. I was lifted up.
  5. Choice of Place. Seek an environment of learning and happiness. You will flourish when you are where you belong. Go where you are celebrated, not where you will be tolerated.
  6. Choice of Honor. Your future is determined by whom you have chosen to honor.
  7. Choice of Words. Words are seeds for understanding. Speak comfortably in welding terms.

EDUCATION IS NOT JUST THE LEARNING OF FACTS,  IT IS THE TRAINING OF THE MIND TO THINK. albert einsteinWelding is a “Team Activity”. OSU WE education reflects the interdisciplinary nature of welding: Design, Materials, Processes, Safety. AWS/FABTECH exposition is immense display of the information. Tour the aisles engage in conversations and just feel the grandeur of welding. Shift your mindset.

OSU WE taught me the interdisciplinary nature of welding. OSUWE is education in fundamental topics of welding and joining: Design, Materials, Processes, Quality, and Safety.

Don't ever give up! -artist credit: unknownDON’T EVER GIVE UP?