Brown Bag Luncheon Seminars

Welding & Joining Management Group™ and Dr. Jesse A. Grantham Present

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Welding & Joining Management Group™ and Dr. Jesse A. Grantham Present The Brown Bag Lunch Series of Seminars and Workshops

During these informal seminars, Dr. Grantham presents topics to help non-welding professionals better understand the welding industry and issues that may arise in a project or subsequent case or claim. Dr. Grantham’s easy style allows for a hands on approach that encourages questions and prompts discussion.

A Brown Bag Series Seminar at P.I.E. in Golden, ColoradoThe 15-minute Questions and Answers sessions can provide valuable solutions to unusual situations and potential problems.

You supply:

   •  A maximum of 20 people

   •  A meeting or conference area at your location

   •  Approximately one hour during the lunch hour

   •  Lunch for your participants

We Supply:

   •  An industry expert and published author in Dr. Grantham

   •  Visual aides and touch-able examples

   •  Fresh and relevant topics

   •  A Seminar package for later reference

   •  An educational yet entertaining way to learn

   •  Each participant receives a Certificate of Participation

You can choose from topics including; Welding Basics for the Non-Welder - How to Spot the Problems in the Plan, The Claims Adjuster Guide to Welding Compliance, Choices and Failure Analysis, or design your own program with WJMG™ to address the issues most important to your team.

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