Failure Analysis

Metal and welding tolerances on Gas and Oil Rigs as well as fracking rigs must be tested and verified.

Failure analysis of welds is the collection, study and analysis of service conditions to assess possible causes of a break-down and the fault of the failure incident.

WJMG™ assessments have included the most likely cause of weld failures in pipelines, pressure vessels, tanks, transportation vehicles, mass-produced products and general construction defects which generally have large financial implications.

Welding design, procedures, processes and quality are critical in infrastructure items used on a daily basis to help millions of people. Misaligned components, worn-out mechanisms and extended service life must not succumb to unsafe conditions due to budgetary restraints or unrealistic installation schedules.

Bridges, infrastructure, buildings and virtually every structure uses welding and metals.Failure Analysis Services

Numerous catastrophic failures of metals have been directly linked to weld defects with exponentially higher costs in lost lives, lost income and replacement expenses.

Dr. Grantham provides independent expert assessments and opinions that will stand up in court regarding welds and metal failures. He uses a “hands-on approach” to examine and test exemplar welds and subject welds to determine the most likely root cause of a weld failure.

Dr. Grantham has decades of experience in liability determination and subrogation matters.

Injury, Fatalities, and huge financial settlements can be the result of poor planning on a project.

Common Failure Mechanisms

Welding defects, Inherent metal discontinuities, Machining defects, Low Cycle Fatigue, Brittle Fracture, Low Toughness at Design Temperature, Stress Risers, Corrosion, Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC), Hydrogen embrittlement, Creep, Stress rupture and other material specific failure modes.

Dr Grantham specializes in “hands-on” failure analysis of exemplar and subject welds in all types of metals and plastics. Dr. Grantham oversees all in-house testing at WJMG™, an independent testing laboratory to encorporate accurate tools and microscopy with published and proprietary procedures.

Proven Litigation Success

Dr. Grantham successfully provides expert testimony in local, state and federal courts.

When you need failure analysis of welds, metallurgical determinations, alloy analysis or welding engineering, call Dr. Grantham to professionally address your weld failure cases.

A signed contract must be in place before work can begin on any project. Please review the terms and policies before sending contact.

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